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Keep the good in and the bad out in Northport, AL

Spray foam can benefit your home in many ways, and the type of foam you use will determine the nature of those advantages. APC Spray Foam LLC offers open cell, closed cell and slow rise foams to insulate your Northport, AL home or business. We’ll help you choose the product that’s right for your application.

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What We Do

Existing Homes: Attics and crawl spaces
New Construction: All exterior walls, interior walls, attics, and crawl Spaces

Understand the qualities of our spray foam insulation

Understand the qualities of our spray foam insulation

We offer a variety of products to meet specific needs in the construction of your house or commercial facility. The products we install include:

  • Open cell foam – Expands and creates a sound barrier. It seals out air, pollutants and insects.
  • Closed cell foam – Fills gaps and creates a vapor barrier. It seals out moisture and air.
  • Slow rise foam – Employed in block building. It insulates the space between cinder blocks.
Consult with APC Spray Foam LLC about the right product for your structure.