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    Seal Your Space With the Right Solution

    Choose the right variety of spray foam in Northport, AL

    There are plenty of types of spray foams, and they can be used in vastly different applications. Some are waterproof and others are better for soundproofing. The type you use depends on your property and specific needs. That’s where we come in. APC Spray Foam LLC of Northport, AL can help you choose the best spray foam for your project.

    Contact us at 205-792-0900 to learn more about the spray foam varieties we offer.

    See how our products can be used in your structure

    We offer three different foam varieties to meet the specific needs in the construction of your home or commercial facility. The products we employ include:

    Open-cell foam – Expands to seal out air, pollutants and insects. This variety creates a sound barrier.

    Closed-cell foam – Fills gaps in construction to create a vapor barrier, sealing out moisture and air.

    Slow-rise foam – Employed in block building. It insulates the space between cinder blocks.

    Consult with APC Spray Foam LLC to determine which product would be best for your project.